Janet Darley
'Warren Woods'

Suman Kaur
'If you tolerate this'

John Abell
'Hitchhikers On A Quiet Road'

Julie Cooper
'Salty Light'

Sarah Seymour

Suzy Fasht

Mark Entwisle
'Gold leaf'

Caroline Kent
'Gorilla in a museum'

Adam De Ville
'Security in old age'

'Erosion, Regrowth, Painting'

Victoria Brathwaite
'Tulip vaya con dios'

Paul Regan
'Dancers Lane'

Julian Welbecbray
'Abbey Terrace'

Lottie Cole
'Interior with Doris Zinkeisen'

Henry Jones

Jenny Wheatley
'Casino Notabill Rabat'

Roger Allen
'The Pennine Bridleway near Hayfield'

Martha Zmpounou

Claire Brewster
'Are we too much'

Sophie Charalamous

Richard Eliot
'Diving Boards Crystal Palace'

Catherine Davidson
'Falling Snow Oxgangs Garden'

Greg Becker
'Flower meadow'

Susan Brown
'Heated Earth'

Susan Brown
'Heated Earth'

THE SUNDAY TIMES Watercolour Competition aims to celebrate and redefine the beauty and diversity of watercolour and water-based media.